Welcome to the Sheitel Initiative

The Sheitel Initiative is an initiative by hair4x, an international trading company that manufactures and trades virgin hair, hair extensions and top quality wigs. We have been wholesaling sheitels for two years and decided it is time for some hessed. . .
At The Sheitel Initiative website, shoppers have two ways to buy a Sheitel:

  • Simply buy a Sheitel, or
  • Buy a Sheitel and the TSI subscribed Jewish Community of the buyer’s choice receives $100 cash (at no cost to the buyer!).

Upon checkout, shoppers in The Sheitel Initiative website may choose to enter a code assigned by hair4x to their Jewish community or to select one of the communities whose name is displayed in the dropdown menu, and Hair4x will credit this community with $100 per sheitel bought. This is at no cost to the buyer.


Thank you to Wood & Co. Creative for their work on this site design.